A Day in The Life of a Mastic Man

A Day in The Life of a Mastic Man

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Here at The Mastic Guys, we deal with a wide range of clients across Essex – and no two days are the same! We know that our customers want to get a greater sense of what it is that we do though, which is why we’re taking you along with us for a day in the life of a mastic man. Here is everything you’ve ever wanted to know.


The first job of the day was replacing the sealant in a client’s bathroom. The sealant in this bathroom hadn’t been replaced in some time, so it was definitely in need of a little TLC! We remove all of the old sealant before we begin, giving us a blank canvas for our work. We then prep the area incredibly thoroughly, creating the optimal environment for the new sealant.

This project was quite demanding, but we got to work and completed it within schedule! The client was delighted, and we left them with plenty of information on preserving the condition of the new sealant for as long as possible.


Once that job was completed, it was a short journey to our next client. This job saw us replace the sealant in their kitchen. We work with all kinds of worktops here at The Mastic Guys, and we have variety of coloured sealants at our disposal to suit every kitchen.

This kitchen was quite small, but that didn’t mean that we rushed through it! We pride ourselves on our eye for detail, and we went out of our way to ensure that every last inch of sealant met our meticulous standards. Kitchens can stand up to a lot of daily wear and tear, which is why we always use high quality premium mastic.


Last but not least, we worked on some showers. These are some of the most common parts of the home we tend to, and we bring the same level of care and attention to a single shower as we would a whole room.

The mastic we use is guaranteed for 2 years against leaks, which gives our customers real peace of mind as they get back to using their showers after we have completed our work. The last job of our day saw us work on two showers in the same property, and we were able to complete the work on time and with a smile!

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So there you have it, a taster of a typical day on the job for a mastic man! To find out more about us and the services we provide, please do get in touch with the team today. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions that you have, and will give you all the information you need to proceed with absolute confidence. We are available all week, with weekend appointments incurring no extra charges. So what are you waiting for?

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