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Has your bathroom seen better days? Over the year’s sealant can wear away and become defective – letting in leaks and discolouring with mould. Your once shiny bathroom can begin to look past its best but fear not – there’s a mastic man in Leigh-on-Sea who can transform your bathroom to its former glory!

The Mastic Guys have been helping bathrooms look great across Essex for many years now and all our customers can’t fault our great work – just take a look at our reviews and recommendations!

Mastic Repair Men Leigh-on-Sea

If you’re looking for a mastic repair man in Leigh-on-Sea look no further – we’re the experts at repairing and replacing sealant and will have your bathroom looking brand new in no time at all. Just call us to discuss the job and we’ll give you an estimate of the time and cost – a repair job could take just a few hours while full replacement might take longer.

We work seven days a week and do not charge extra at weekends, so you can arrange your appointment around your schedule, and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.

We know black mould can be one of the hardest things to keep on top of in a bathroom, but our anti-fungal mastic means no more black mould! We use the very best industry accredited sealant, so you know that as well as benefiting from the work of experienced mastic men in Leigh-on-Sea – you’ll also feel safe in the knowledge that our work is made to last – so much so we have a two-year guarantee on all our work.

We’ve dealt with bathrooms of all sizes and challenges and can’t wait for you to walk in and see your bathroom transformed and looking brand new once again.

Guaranteed No More Leaks!

One of the biggest issues with sealant that’s wearing away is leaks in your bath or shower – meaning you could face other issues such as mould, damp or damage to your home which is why it’s important to keep on top of ensuring your sealant is working at its best.

The best way to ensure the job is done well is to hire a professional mastic man in Leigh-on-Sea who will carry out a repair or replacement based on the condition of the existing mastic. You’ll see an instant difference once the repair work is done – with no more bathroom leaks and a bathroom you can enjoy stress free once again.

Our mastic repair man in Leigh-on-Sea will do a full inspection of the job and ensure to apply mastic in all areas water could be escaping – transforming your bathroom to looking its best and working efficiently once again.

Mastic My Bathroom Leigh-on-Sea

If you’re wondering ‘who can mastic my bathroom in Leigh-on-Sea?’ then look no further than The Mastic Guys. We operate all over Essex but primarily within mid and south Essex. We have thousands of happy customers who have benefited from our expert skills and knowledge to help transform their bathroom and reseal their bath or shower.

No matter the design, size or colour of your bathroom – we can provide you with a solution to fit it. We have sealant available in a range of different colours, so the repair work will be invisible – looking as good as the day it was first installed.






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Replacing or repairing your bathroom sealant is often a job that gets put off until it’s too late – don’t let it get to that point of trying to find time and thinking ‘when will I mastic my bath in Leigh-on-Sea?’ – let us take care of it.

Our years of experience and knowledge means we can do the very best job that will stand the test of time and help your bathroom look flawless once again. Whether you’re taking a warm relaxing bath after a busy day at work or starting your day with a shower – your bathroom should be a place to relax and enjoy – without reminders of jobs you’ve been meaning to get around to!

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Do you provide mastic men in Leigh-on-Sea?

Yes, we work all over Essex but primarily in mid and south Essex. We know the area well and we can provide a mastic man in Leigh-on-Sea at your earliest convenience to help your bathroom look back to its best.

The best solution to preventing black mould on your bathroom sealant is to use anti-fungal silicone, which we always use with our work to prevent the need for regular bleaching and anti-fungal treatments.

It really depends on the size of the job; a full replacement and removal of sealant will require longer and could take a day or two – while repairing faulty or old mastic could take just a few hours. We’d be happy to discuss the job over the phone or visit you to provide a quote, but our prices are fair and affordable, and we don’t charge extra for weekend work.


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