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The Mastic Guys have been helping makeover bathrooms across Essex for many years and a quick look at our reviews will show we have many happy and satisfied customers who have had their bathrooms transformed with our fantastic work!

We are specialised in the removal and replacement of existing mastic and help give your bathroom a new lease of life with our industry accredited products that have staying power as well as anti-fungal, so you can say goodbye to black mould for good. Just give our mastic men in Rochford a call and we can arrange an appointment that suits you.

The Bathroom Sealant Specialists in Rochford

If you’re wondering ‘Who will mastic my bathroom in Rochford?’ – look no further because The Mastic Guys have got it covered. We’ve transformed thousands of bathrooms across Essex and helped them look brand new once again and delivered workmanship that will stand the test of time.

We’re so confident of our abilities and the products we use, that we provide a two-year guarantee on our work, something that no other UK companies offer!

Guaranteed No More Leaks!

When sealant is past its best, you may begin to experience leaks around your bathroom or shower. You may notice this around the floor after a bath or shower or in time if mould or damp occurs. It is important to call in a mastic man to your Rochford home to get this repaired as soon as possible because the longer this goes on, the more the structural integrity of your bathroom is at risk and costly repair needed.

We can remove and replace your existing sealant or repair it to help guarantee no more leaks and prevent damage from occurring.

Why Choose The Mastic Guys?

All our mastic repair men in Rochford and throughout Essex are highly experienced and skilful at applying and repairing mastic to bathrooms and kitchens. They all take pride in doing a fantastic job every time and creating work that has lasting power, so you can enjoy your transformed bathroom with no further issues.

The fact we are the only company in the UK who offer a two-year guarantee on our work proves that we are confident and sincere in supplying the best workmanship in our mastic repair and replacement. We work seven days a week and don’t charge extra for weekends, so we can work around a time that suits you.

We can assess the job when we’re there and discuss whether we think removal and replacement is the best move or if your sealant needs repairing instead. We will offer our honest opinion and suggest the best solution for a lasting impact and effectiveness for your bathroom.






Contact the Rochford Bathroom Mastic Specialists

Look no further for your mastic repair in Rochford, The Mastic Guys are the best choice for putting an end to bathroom mould and leaks and enjoying a beautiful bathroom once again. We use the very best products and supply a range of mastic colours to match in with your existing colour scheme.

We are happy to provide you with a no obligation hassle free quote and pride ourselves in providing affordable and friendly service. Just take a look at our past work to see the kind of difference we can make to your bathroom, so you can enjoy a relaxing bath or shower without seeing black mould and the repairs you keep putting off!

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Do I need do repair or replace my mastic?

This will depend on the condition your bathroom sealant is in! We are happy to assess this either in person or via photograph and offer our honest opinion and advice. Sometimes the damage or wear and tear will be small and can be repaired, but if the mastic is older and peeling off or missing and failing to do its job anymore, it may be better to remove and replace the mastic instead.

We are happy to talk this through with your thoroughly, so you can make an educated decision.

This will depend on the size of the bath and the scale of the work that needs to be done. If it is a simple repair job it could take around an hour, but if it’s removal and replacement this could take a few hours. When you get in contact to discuss your job, we will provide you with an estimate of how long we believe the job will take. We aim to work as quickly and efficiently as possible, but we pride ourselves on doing a good job that stands the test of time.

While there are products available on the high street and tools to be able to reseal, repair or replace your bathroom sealant yourself, these often won’t stand the test of time or will need replacing sooner. Many are often unable to stop the growth of black mould as well.

We only use the very best products in the industry with anti-fungal to prevent the growth of black mould. The work we do is designed to stand the test of time and look as good as the day it was applied for years to come. The service we offer is second to none and you’ll be hard pressed to find better mastic men in Rochford. Take a look at our work to see how we can help transform your bathroom.

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