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Professional mastic repair services

For professional mastic repair in Colchester, look no further than The Mastic Guys. We’ve been resealing bathrooms in the area for several years, building a fantastic reputation for ourselves. We serve both domestic and commercial customers, with our team committed to delivering an exceptional service every time.

Our mastic men in Colchester work to the very highest standards, using the best, most effective methods when resealing bathrooms of all shapes and sizes.

Putting a stop to leaks in your bathroom

Leaks in your bathroom need to be addressed as quickly as possible since they can cause serious plumbing problems, mildew and mould. At The Mastic Guys, our mastic repair man in Colchester can put a stop to leaks in your bath or shower, using the best quality sealant to prevent water from penetrating through and causing serious damage. Wet rot can occur in some cases due to the wood becoming soaked from water leaking through the faulty bath seal. Since replacing damaged timber can be so expensive, it makes sense to invest in professional mastic repair to ensure your bathroom is protected from leaks.

Our mastic men will ensure a first-class finish for your bath or shower, using top-quality sealants in our work. We offer sealants in many different colours, making it possible to choose the perfect shade for your bathroom. We can help you to choose the right sealant, making sure we can achieve the look you want for this key room within your home. What’s more is that because our work is fully guaranteed for two years, you can relax in the knowledge that the sealant we have applied will perform well for a long time to come.

A thorough preparation process

Our mastic men will carry out a thorough preparation process before applying sealant in your bathroom. Cleaning is the first step to achieving a dirt, dust and oil-free substrate for the sealant to adhere to. We’ll then get rid of any loose material using a brush or smaller vacuum head and remove any existing sealant with a spirit-based cleanser, leaving a smooth surface behind. Proper surface preparation is vital for the longevity and performance of sealants.

Don’t ignore damaged or mouldy sealant in your bathroom. The problem will only get worse over time, raising the risk of leaks occurring. If you’re concerned about the state of the sealant around your bath or shower, get in touch with The Mastic Guys today. Our mastic repair man in Colchester is on hand to provide a fast and effective resealing service in your home or commercial property.






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To book mastic repair, contact The Mastic Guys today. We’re available now to reseal your bathroom to the highest standards, achieving a flawless finish and reducing the risk of leaks and structural damage. Call us on one of the phone numbers at the top of this page or send us a message via our website or on Facebook.


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