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The Importance Of Mastic

Over time, mastic can peel or wear away, meaning the protection that was once there is compromised. This can lead to the watertight seal around your bath or shower no longer working as it should – leading to leaks which can cause damp and mould and compromise the integrity of your home and cause costly repairs.

Therefore, once your mastic starts to look like it has seen better days, it is important to think about replacing it before damage can be done. We provide mastic replacement and mastic repair in Harold Hill, so you can protect your bathroom and home.

Mastic Repair Harold Hill

In cases where there is minimal damage or the mastic can easily be touched up, we can provide a mastic repair man in Harold Hill to work on the problem areas. This can be a quick and cost efficient way of repairing your bathroom and help it look brand new again.

Our gallery of work shows just how transformative our work can be, taking old tired flaking mastic and replacing it with our industry leading mastic made to stand the test of time.

Guaranteed No More Leaks!

We are so confident about our technique and skills as well as the mastic we use, that we provide a two-year guarantee on our work. That means that in the rare event that you do run into any problems with the mastic we have provided – our mastic men in Harold Hill will come back to fix it free of charge.

How To Prevent Bathroom Mould

As well as being able to stand the test of time, the mastic we use is also anti-fungal, meaning no more pesky black mould!

We know how frustrating it can be constantly treating black mould and scrubbing away at mastic to get rid of this. The abrasive products needed to remove this mould can compromise mastic, which is why we only use anti-fungal mastic, so you no longer have to fight off black mould around your bathroom again.






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If you’re wondering ‘who can mastic my bathroom in Harold Hill?’ then look no further. The Mastic Guys operate all over Essex and we work seven days a week with no extra charge at weekends – so you can book an appointment that suits you.

We provide a two year guarantee on our work because we’re confident about the excellent work we do and the products we use.

If you would like to enquire, receive a quote or book us in, contact us today on 01268 330054 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have and book you in for mastic repair in Harold Hill.

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Can you mastic my bath in Harold Hill?

Yes, we work all over Essex and can provide mastic repair in Harold Hill for both baths and showers, as well as sinks and even kitchen worktops. You can see examples of our work across the website with before and after photos showing the transformative effect it can have to your kitchen or bathroom.

It’s amazing just how much difference new mastic can have to a bathroom and we love documenting the bathroom makeovers we have done for our clients. We provide a two year guarantee on our work because we have faith in our handiwork and the products we use and in the rare event anything does now work efficiently as it should, we will repair it free of charge.

Black mould is a common problem for many bathrooms, it is a fungus that thrives in warm and damp areas with little airflow where there is high humidity and condensation – making a bathroom the perfect environment for it to take over.

It can often feel like a losing battle trying to stay on top of it and many products can be highly corrosive which can damage mastic during the cleaning process.

One of the best ways to prevent black mould is using an anti-fungal mastic, which is what we use to prevent black mould thriving on your newly applied mastic – just one of the great things about us!

Of course! We are happy to provide you with a no obligation quote for the work required, just contact us and tell us about the work you are looking to have done. You can fill in the enquiry form on our website and someone will come back to you. Alternatively you can call us on 01268 330054 or email us at

We provide our service seven days a week, with no extra charge at weekends, so we can fit an appointment round you. Once we have more details about the job, one of our mastic men in Harold Hill can advise how long they think it will take and provide you with a quote.

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