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Get Your Bathroom Back To Its Best With Our Mastic Men in Hornchurch

Over time bathrooms can begin to look tired and in need of repair, and sealant can wear away over the years leading to leaks which can cause more serious damage such as damp. A simple mastic repair or replacement can make a surprising amount of difference to your bathroom helping it look brand new once again. Our mastic men in Hornchurch take great pride in delivering professional flawless handiwork that will stand the test of time.

Say Goodbye to Black Mould For Good

Black mould is a common issue for many bathrooms, building up over time on mastic and despite the best mould treatments returns time after time. Our mastic men in Hornchurch can put a stop to black mould for good, with the industry leading anti-fungal silicone we use. This prevents bacteria growing which creates the black mould that plagues bathrooms across Britain!

It’s available in various colours, so can be accommodated to fit your existing bathroom style and allows your mastic to stand the test of time as you won’t be scrubbing at it constantly with harsh chemicals. Once you enjoy the benefits of our anti-fungal silicone you’ll be wondering ‘Why didn’t I get The Mastic Guys to mastic my bathroom in Hornchurch sooner?’.

Guaranteed No More Leaks!

When silicone wears away, it can lead to leaks around baths and showers, damaging the walls and floors and leading to expensive repairs down the line. It is important to ensure your mastic is in the best condition it can be, so it is able to stand the test of time and prevent leaks occurring.

For our mastic repair in Hornchurch and across Essex, we use only the very best industry leading silicone that is made to last. We are confident of our handiwork and the products we use that we are the only UK company who provide a two year guarantee on our work. So in the unlikely event you do encounter any issues with your mastic down the line, we will fix it free of charge.

Hire a Mastic Repair Man in Hornchurch Seven Days a Week!

We understand that the average working week doesn’t work for everyone and that you won’t always be available for mastic men in Hornchurch to come and repair mastic during the week because of work or family commitments. That’s why we offer our services seven days a week at no extra charge.






Get in Touch with The Siliconing Experts in Hornchurch Today

Our mastic men in Hornchurch are available to repair or replace your mastic to help your bathroom look brand new again. We pride ourselves on our excellent friendly customer service, when you book us in for an appointment, we will always ring to let you know we’re on our way and our staff wear a company uniform, so you can identify them.

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Who can mastic my bath in Hornchurch?

If you need mastic repair or replacement, our mastic men in Hornchurch are available to repair breakages and leaks and get your mastic looking as good as new once again. We serve homes throughout Essex and are available seven days a week at no extra cost for weekends.

As well as providing mastic men in Hornchurch we also serve areas including Chelmsford, Basildon, Brentwood, Billericay, Romford and many other areas across the country.

We have a wide selection of examples of our work on our website, which show the transformative effect our mastic repair in Hornchurch and throughout Essex can have. We have before and after photos which show just how much of a difference our mastic repair can have to help a bathroom look brand new again.

If you are impressed by what you see or would like to enquire more about our services, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to provide you with a no obligation free quote for our services.

We pride ourselves on delivering our very best work to each and every client and love seeing positive reviews and transformation photos from our work. We accept nothing less than perfection and complete our mastic application to a high standard with a two year guarantee on our work.

Our team of mastic men in Hornchurch are friendly, professional and prompt, helping to transform your bathroom quickly and efficiently. We always clear up after ourselves and our anti-fungal sealant means no more black mould to contend with!

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