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Has your bathroom seen better days? Over time, mastic can wear away or become mouldy making your bathroom look past its prime, dated and neglected. Despite your best efforts of scrubbing and bleaching, you can find yourself fighting a losing battle against mould and discoloured sealant.

If you’re looking for mastic repair in Purfleet, look no further than The Mastic Guys! We operate all over Essex and have made-over thousands of bathrooms by repairing or replacing mastic and helping bathrooms look as good as new once again.

We have been making over bathrooms across the county for many years and leave a trail of satisfied customers who have praised our excellent workmanship and lasting quality. We’re so confident of our fantastic work that we offer a two-year guarantee on our work – more than any other UK company.

The mastic we use is made to last and is the very best in the industry, so you can be sure of excellent quality and lasting work.

Guaranteed No More Leaks!

When your bathroom sealant has worn away, it can lead to leaks in your bath or shower because there is nothing to prevent the water escaping through the cracks. This can lead to mould and damp which can cause costly damage the more this builds up as well as risking the structural integrity of the bathroom.

If you discover leaks or notice damage in your sealant, contact us and we will send a mastic repair man to Purfleet to assess the damage and give you a quote and we’ll work to get this fixed as soon as possible. We work seven days a week and do not charge extra for weekends so we can work around your schedule.

Get Rid of Mould for Good

Mould is one of the biggest problems that can occur with your bathroom sealant. No matter how many times you can scrub the tiles and mastic with bleach, the mould will always come back and leave your bathroom looking grubby once again.

We use anti-fungal mastic to put a stop to this pesky black mould, so you can say goodbye to scrubbing for hours for good! Just book our mastic men in Purfleet and we’ll work our magic! We use the very best industry accredited mastic in a range of colours to suit your bathroom.






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Stop wondering ‘who will mastic my bath in Purfleet?’ and give us a call! We have had great feedback from our customers and have helped makeover bathrooms across Essex. Just take a look at our gallery of work to see what a difference we can make to your home.

Contact us now with details of your project and we can provide you with a free no obligation quote. Don’t put up with failing mastic any longer, call us now to dispatch our mastic men to Purfleet.

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How can I prevent mould in my bathroom?

Black mould is a common problem in all bathrooms due to high humidity and limited extraction, this causes a damp atmosphere and can mean facing reoccurring mould on your bathroom mastic. Despite regular use of bleach or mould repellent, you can often find the mould returning again and again.

One of the one ways to help prevent this is to hire one of our mastic men in Purfleet, we only use anti-fungal mastic and the very best industry accredited products. This mastic means no more black mould or fighting a losing battle against your bath or shower and wearing away sealant with strong products.

While you can buy DIY products to mastic your bathroom, these off the shelf products are of varying quality and may not stand the test of time or prevent mould from occurring. We use the best anti-fungal products on the market and guarantee our work for two years.

If you want your bathroom looking as good as new and a clean and professional job, it is recommended to hire a professional mastic man in Purfleet. They can also identify if your mastic needs repairing or replacing to provide the more effective result.

Mastic is a liquid sealant that works like elastic slate and is popular particularly in the application of kitchen and bathroom tiles. Because of its flexible properties, it is ideal for bonding to a variety of surfaces. The word mastic often goes hand in hand with sealant and the two are strongly associated.

Our mastic repair in Purfleet uses the very best industry accredited mastic and we have a range of colours to fit in with your colour scheme and bathroom or kitchen tiles. Likewise, if you are doing a bathroom makeover and need new tiles filled with mastic, we are happy to assist with your project!

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