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Breathe Live Back Into Your Bathroom

Has your bathroom seen better days? As the years go on, mastic and silicone can wear away and look tired and discoloured, peeling from walls and no longer providing the protection against leaks that it should. Thankfully our team of mastic men in Canvey Island are on hand to come to the rescue and get your bathroom looking back to its best.

We can replace and repair your bathroom mastic to protect your bathroom against leaks and look brand new again. Our mastic is high quality and made to last, applied with expert experience and attention to detail.

Get Rid Of Black Mould

Are you sick and tired of scrubbing away at black mould that grows on your mastic? Even with the best will in the world (and anti-mould sprays), it returns time after time and frantic scrubbing only contributes to your mastic wearing away over time.

Black mould thrives on the warm, humid environment of a bathroom, and while extractor fans can provide some relief, without adequate ventilation – black mould is a stubborn nemesis. Thankfully, we’ve found a solution, we use an industry leading anti-fungal mastic which black mould can’t grow on – meaning no more scrubbing!

Guaranteed No More Leaks!

If you need mastic repair in Canvey Island, our expert application and high quality mastic will help put a stop to any leaks in your bathroom and as a result help to prevent damp or mould taking hold in your floors or walls causing costly damage down the line.

When you hire one of our mastic men in Canvey island, you can feel confident that you will receive the very best workmanship; we take great pride in our work to provide tidy, efficient work designed to last. In fact, we’re so confident about our work that we provide a two year guarantee, so in the rare event you do have an issue, we will return free of charge.

Why Should The Mastic Guys Mastic My Bathroom in Canvey Island?

We have helped transform bathrooms across Essex and we only use the best mastic in the business to ensure our application stands the test of time and can stand up to mould. We have perfected our approach and are happy to remove, replace, repair and apply mastic to your bathroom or kitchen for perfect waterproofing and a bathroom that looks clean and tidy.

As well as our two year guarantee on our work, we also work seven days a week at no extra charge for weekends. This is so you can book in an appointment that suits you, we know office hours aren’t suitable for everyone! We work quickly and efficiently and always tidy up after ourselves, so you can be sure there will be little disruption to your home and no mess to tidy!






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If you’re looking for a mastic man in Canvey Island, get in touch with us at The Mastic Guys. We’re happy to organise an appointment with you at time and date that suits you. We’re happy to provide you with a free no obligation quote and be sure to check out our previous work and reviews to see why we’re the number one choice!

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Can you mastic my bath in Canvey Island?

Yes, we work all over Essex so we are happy to come to Canvey Island and any other location across Essex and the surrounding counties. We can mastic your bath, shower, sink, worktops – where you need mastic applied or replaced. Our anti-mould mastic is available in a range of colours, so you will be able to choose a colour that perfectly suits your space and blends in seamlessly.

Our expert application and attention to detail ensures your mastic will look great for years to come with very little maintenance.

Black mould is a common problem in bathrooms, usually due to poor ventilation, it can quickly take hold. Black mould thrives on a warm and moist environment such as a humid bathroom – so soon it can become a problem and ruin your spotless bathroom. While extractor fans and open windows and doors can help, it can feel like a losing battle sometimes. We use an industry leading mastic that is anti-mould, therefore that troublesome mould can’t thrive between your tiles and you are saved from back breaking scrubbing on a regular basis!

We think it’s important to feel confident about the work you have done in your home, so we provide a two year guarantee on our mastic application and repair, so you can feel confident it will stand the test of time. This gives you peace of mind in hiring one of our mastic men in Canvey Island and the care and attention we take in every application.

In the rare event you do encounter any problems, we will happily return and fix it free of charge.


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