The Reasons Why Mastic Application Can Fail

Why Is My Mastic Failing?

Mastic can fail for a number of reasons, but one of the most common reasons is when there is movement in the bath or shower, causing gaps between the mastic and allowing for water to go behind the walls and to the room below – compromising the protection mastic is meant to provide.

Why Does Movement Occur?

Movement often occurs when there is weight in the bath or shower, such as a person, causing the bath or shower tray to sag. One way to test if this is occurring is putting your palms on top of each other and pressing down on the top of the bath edge in each corner and see if you can feel it moving up and down. If there is too much movement, then weight creates too much resistance and mastic will eventually give way under too much pressure.

How Can I Prevent Movement From Occurring?

Many people believe that if you fill a bathtub with water to weigh it down and allow it to drop to its lowest point, from here you can seal it with mastic, let it dry and empty the water once it is dry, and that this should offset any movement as the water has compensated for the mid-point.

However, we have to stress that this is not good practise and is actually more of a myth and when it comes to sealing a shower tray, you would not be able to provide enough water weight to compensate for the weight of an adult.

We recommend that to solve the issue of movement most effectively, you should gain access to the underneath of the bath or shower and strength the support such as tightening the metal or plastic legs.

If this doesn’t work, we recommend using battens of timber to create new legs to support your bath or shower. At The Mastic Guys, we are more than happy to provide this service to you to ensure your mastic will stand the test of time and prevent leaks from occurring.

What Else Could Be Making My Mastic Fail?

If your mastic isn’t anti-mould like the industry-leading mastic we use, then battling against black mould can also affect your mastic, if the mould is clinging to it, you are likely using strong chemical products to try and remove the mould, breaking down the mastic over time.

We only ever use our anti-mould mastic, so as well as feeling confident your mastic will stand the test of time, you can also rest assured that you will no longer have to fight off black mould on your mastic every few weeks.

Is it Worth Hiring A Professional Mastic Man?

While applying mastic can seem like a fairly simple DIY job, to ensure it is done effectively it should really be done by a professional mastic man. The Mastic Guys have gained a reputation for providing excellent service and are available seven days a week, with no extra charge at weekends.

We only use the highest quality materials such as our choice of anti-mould mastic, meaning you no longer have to scrub at black mould and helping to ensure your mastic lasts even longer. Our expert knowledge and application means that you can feel confident it will stand the test of time.

We even offer a two year guarantee on our work, because we’re that confident about our workmanship, so in the rare event your mastic should fail, we will replace and repair it free of charge. So give us a call on 01268 330054 to book in your appointment today.


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