Top tips on preparing your shower for mastic application

How to prepare your shower for new mastic

New sealant can bring your bathroom back to life, ensuring that your shower not only looks great but making it leak-free once again. However, before the mastic can be applied, the area needs to be fully prepared. Even the highest quality sealant is destined to fail if thorough preparation hasn’t been carried out.


Remove the frame and seal

Sealing behind your frame before the frame is fitted is essential. If the sealing doesn’t take place before fitting, you can expect to encounter leaks. Even if you only spot a small leak at first, this can get worse over time. That’s why our mastic man Chelmsford team often remove customers’ frames if necessary. Without removing the frame, it is harder for us to do the job correctly and achieve the best possible results.


Make sure the surface is clean, dry and dust-free

When preparing your shower for mastic application, make sure that the surface you want to seal is clean, dry, and free from dust. You can do this by wiping it down with rubbing alcohol or surface disinfectant. A clean surface is key to ensuring a sealant will bond. Ensuring that it’s clear of old mastic, peeling paint, dirt, mould and moisture will help to ensure that the sealant looks and functions its best, achieving the best possible results.

If water and bleach are needed to remove mould and mildew before appealing the sealant, you may need to wait a day or so for the walls to dry fully. Using a quality sealant that has antifungal and antibacterial agents can help to prevent mould growth after it’s been applied.


Why choose us for mastic repair?

When it comes to mastic repair, look no further than the Mastic Guys. We are experienced in applying sealant to bathrooms across the region, building a fantastic reputation for his services. We have been a leading player in the industry for many years and have seen several competitors come and go since we first launched our business. We are proud of our wealth of expertise in rectifying bath and shower leaks.


Calling in The Mastic Guys to apply a sealant to your shower is a good idea if you lack experience in this task. Even though sealing a shower is often thought to be a simple DIY job, it’s a lot more challenging than many people realise. A lot can go wrong when adding mastic to a bathroom, particularly when proper preparation hasn’t been carried out. We are noted for our stringent preparation procedure which allows us to deliver excellent results when resealing your bathroom.


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