What is the main cause of leaking showers?

Why is my shower leaking?

A shower leak isn’t simply a mild annoyance – it can be incredibly serious in some cases. A leak can penetrate behind the bathroom tiles, causing them to loosen, cause rust build-up that can affect water fittings, and lead to mould that can impact health. However, sometimes it’s not always clear why a shower is leaking. They can leak for a wide range of reasons, with much debate over what the main cause is. One way to find out where your leak is coming from is to remove your shower screen so that you can see what’s behind it.


Insufficient sealant around your tiles

If there’s insufficient sealant around your tiles, this may be the cause of your shower leak. The sealant acts as a waterproof seal that prevents water from escaping and ensures that it drains away properly. However, if there are gaps in the sealant next to the door, the water may be trickling out onto the floor next to the shower. If this is your problem, it’s time to contact The Mastic Guys. Our mastic man in Southend can visit your home to apply a quality sealant to your bathroom, helping to stop the leak in its tracks. We’ve been applying sealant to bathrooms across the region for many years, carrying out a professional and affordable service every time.


Don’t ignore gaps in the sealant

Gaps in the sealant are certainly one of the main causes of leaking showers. Whilst it might seem like a minor problem, it’s important that you don’t ignore the issue for too long. A shower leak can cause considerable damage to your property if it’s left to get worse, resulting in more expensive repair bills further down the line. Act as soon as you can if you have a leak in your bathroom, enlisting our mastic man in Southend right away to identify its cause. Finding out the cause of the leak can put you firmly on the path to resolving the issue.


Hire our mastic man in Southend

A shower leak can cause serious problems if left unchecked, loosening tiles, damaging water fittings and creating the perfect environment for mould to thrive. So, it makes sense to hire our mastic man in Southend to identify the cause of the leak and, if necessary, repair your sealant. Adding new sealant to your bathroom can help you win the battle against a leaking shower.


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